Joseph Parker’s
Political Programs

On this page, you can learn more about Joseph Parker’s political programs.


Education is one of the most powerful tools, which helps the society develop new specialists in various professions, from engineers to designers. However, this sphere needs some serious improvements.

Joseph Parker’s educational reform makes an accent on providing local control over education, while also providing instructional materials for school teachers and improving the curricula for college students.

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To improve the social aspect of our community’s life, Joseph Parker introduced new social responsibility policy for local government, major enterprises and businesses, which deal with our citizens.

The new social program developed by Mr. Parker’s team is based on various law improvements that aim to bring down crime and poverty as well as increase employment opportunities and the overall economic and financial standard.

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Over the years, our land is getting more vulnerable as global warming strikes all countries all over the world. Despite high agricultural profits, American farming community suffers from environmental consequences and unemployment.

This is the main reason why Joseph parker’s political program may be useful to our country, especially regarding agriculture. Mr. Parker aims to change it through providing more workplaces for agrarian specialists and more resources for them.



Culture plays a vital role in our society’s development. While for some people culture may be expressed through justice, laws, rights, authority etc., for others it is a wider term. It may include almost everything culture-related.

According to Joseph Parker’s program, such aspects of culture as music, dancing, acting, art and others must be developed as they reflect our nation’s condition. Every society member can introduce their own improvements to this program.

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As we all know, using art is one of the most powerful ways to convey a message, which would motivate people. A lot of people have used and are still using it for their own purposes, including intervention in the political reality.

However, Joseph Parker aims to create the supportive atmosphere for artists and creative people to develop their artistic vision through numerous exhibitions and festivals. The first step in this direction is the establishment of Parker’s Art Awards.

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Together with his team and the local community, Joseph Parker has developed a set of changes for transportation. This program is aimed at improving the quality of air, land, and water transportation services.

It also includes attraction of sponsors, investors, and specialists who could develop, build, and introduce new roads, public transit (e.g. subways, buses etc). Such an approach will let the local administration to unload the traffic.

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