About J.C. Parker

Joseph Parker is connected to the people of our state and the challenges they face every day. He is working to break down the old partisan barriers of our society that limit and slow down the development of our state.

Joseph has been innovative, persistent and put partisanship aside, bringing people together to get things done for our state. Mr. Parker has focused on creating new jobs, improving economic opportunity for all residents and guests of our state, addressing the economic squeeze facing middle class families, and aiming for the general improvement.

He sees his mission in helping people of our state through introducing improvements on the senate level. it allows to attract attention of government economic and political experts to the problems of the country that start from small towns.

Public Events

Joseph’s Mission


Education has always been one of the greatest concerns for Mr. Parker not only because it’s often left behind by other politicians but because Joseph Parker is a former school teacher.


To improve the social aspect of our community’s life Joseph Parker introduced new social responsibility policy for local government, major enterprises and businesses, which deal with our citizens.


Agriculture often lacks priority in modern politics and that’s why improving it became one of Joseph’s major goals. Achieving more in this sphere means a lot for our state’s economy.

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